Crochet Potato Bag and Drying Herbs

It has been quite grey this past week. I took off work most of the week and had dreamed of hanging out on a picnic blanket in the garden, soaking in the big D. But of course, I live in Scotland and such plans cannot be made. So I looked around indoors.

As we prepare to welcome guests overnight in our spare room (still more ‘spare’ than ‘room’) and strategise over the future we want to build, we have decided to go for another push towards making our home not just liveable but enjoyable. Some things are just ready for replacement, like the no longer white tub plug we inherited with the house but still does its job. Others, we never thought were important until now, like the hodge podge of towels we each brought to the household. A new set of towels (well, only half of the set fits at once) is currently in the washing machine. We will now have four large bath towels (bath ‘sheets’) so that we have one spare each and we will have those ready for when guests come to stay. If we somehow have more than two people coming to stay, we’ll pull out the two camp towels and all will be right with the world. We also bought two coordinating hand towels. All other bathroom towels will be donated or composted accordingly.

Last night, as I put a large produce shop away, I thought it was time to make a potato bag. While the onions have always been stored in a crochet bag, we generally grab a canvas bag for potatoes but that doesn’t allow enough air circulation. Since there has been a delay picking up the 8 charity shop bags we have waiting, I simply went upstairs and grabbed out the brown cotton yarn that I had donated and made a new bag.

Crochet potato bag

I also bundled and hung some rosemary that I trimmed during one of the only sunny and dry days last week. Do you see the lighting around the rosemary? It was 10am in June, when the sun had been up for hours, and I had the lights on in the parlour!

Rosemary 2015



    • Hi AthenaPearl,

      I start with a circle of about 15- 18 stitches and then from there I work in the round. I chain about 5-7 depending upon the size mesh I want and then connect that to the next stitch. I then chain and connect all the way around. For the next round, I connect to the chain stitches from the previous round to it’s like brickwork with arches.

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