Homemade Nut Milk

After three years of looking into juicers and running screaming and dissatisfied every six months or so, we have finally purchased a ‘juicer’/ultra blender. I didn’t like how regular juicers wasted all the fiber of the produce and I fretted over the centrifugal vs. masticating debate and prices. Well, we went for a nutri ninja and I am thrilled with it. I cannot believe how truly smooth the finished product is. I had tried to make green smoothies with our regular blender and ended up chewing mouthfuls of greens, nuts, or the general sludge of nut butter and seeds or coconut oil that did not mix in. With the nutri ninja, it all disappears easily into the mix and harder vegetables like carrots are even blended perfectly. Carrots were pivotal in my decision.

This blending power means that I can now make nut milks! Looking online, the general ratio is 3:1 cups of water to soaked nuts. For my first two batches, I didn’t add any flavours in although we did drink the cashew milk with cinnamon sprinkled on top. I didn’t strain the nut milk like most websites advise. It wasn’t really an issue- the milk is drunk easily and the sediment at the bottom gets dumped into a smoothie. Why dirty a mesh bag? Nope, I’m happy just blending and pouring into a kilner jar for the fridge. I’m pretty thrilled about this new epicurean venture.

The cashew milk was the first batch I made:

homemade cashew milk from nutri ninjaand here is the almond milk:

homemade almond milk from nutri ninja


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