Bring a Smile With You

When Honey and I were planning our wedding ceremony with the minister, we could not find a reading that resonated with us. We searched the internet high and low for something that would show joy, reflection, presence and celebration of the natural world. During one search session, after hundreds had been read and dozens more considered then rejected, Honey grabbed the keyboard and wrote a poem. It flowed from her fingers, it flowed from her soul, and in less than 15 minutes or so, she read me a poem that brought tears to my eyes. It was beautiful and perfectly represented who we are and what we wanted.

We used that gorgeous poem and have it tucked into our wedding album. Reading it again just now, I can say that it retains its power and made me tear up again.

Over the winter in 2013, I headed upstairs to the spare room with an intense need to paint. I had a piece of pallet wood waiting and then spent a while playing with the base colour on the board. It went from sky to deep ocean, to woodlands, and settled in to the current background. You can’t really see the depth in the colour when you look at it, but I feel it. After that colour play, I knew that we needed a reminder of Honey’s poem. I found myself using the same lettering that I had used countless times in jr. high and high school- on jeans, backpacks, posters; anything that could be painted!

Bring a Smile with you

It took us until the fall of 2014 to get around to buying the hardware for the back of the board, and until May to hang it up! Somewhere along the way we just got so focused on keeping going over the winter and didn’t know where the board would be best enjoyed. As the days lightened, I knew it needed to go in our living room above the kitchen door.


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