Botanic Inspiration and Childhood Programming

I grew up with plants in every room of the house. I have certainly said before that I see plants as one of the top crucial design elements. Based on my lifelong love of camping and the time we spent outdoors, I would even be prepared to say that plants come right after basic furniture (you know, a roof over your head, a place to sit or sleep).

As an adult, I have been slowly building my plant collection. As a student this began as the standard spider plant and palms, but around five years ago, I felt the need to begin collecting the plants that signify a home to me. For me, the first step was a snake plant. For Honey, that was an umbrella plant. We obtained both from clippings from other plants.

We have a several other plants in our small collection, but my inspiration is still my mom and dad’s home. I snapped these photos of just their living room and kitchen when I was over. I left the shelves of plants in the back room and the deck plants to imagination. I look forward to welcoming a large philodendron and some pregnant onions into our care in the future.

When my parents got work done on the house in the early 90s, they replaced the window sills in the kitchen, living room and back room with much deeper sills that would hold large plant pots. I think this is probably one of the best renovations ever!

Here are a few photos of their plants for inspiration…

Large window sill full of plants in the kitchen

One kitchen sill

Large window sill full of plants and citrus tree

Indoor citrus tree

When I was little, I was eating a grapefruit and the seed inside had begun to germinate. We planted it. We also planted an orange at one point. I am not sure which one this is, but it is a citrus tree! They have the pot on casters so it is easy to roll onto the deck for the summer.

Burro's Tail succulent

Large aloe plant on window sill

the large aloe

Aloe flower in the kitchen

the aloe’s flower at the top of the 3 foot spike

Pregnant onion plant

an amaryllis 

Pregnant Onion flower

the pregnant onion’s flower spike (just as tall as the aloe’s)

Orchid flower

Lucky bamboo

lucky bamboo they are ‘babysitting’ (permanently?) for a friend

Peace lily and other plants on large window sill

living room window sill

Banana plant

a pot of small banana trees

Large adopted plant

my dad adopted this plant when his workplace closed. It was a scrawny little vine with a leaf or two and he didn’t want to leave it behind. It was quite happy to be adopted!

Oxalis plant with Jade

Oxalis with Jade

Oxalis sharing a pot with a jade plant (pot sharing is something I have yet to figure out)

Large snake plant

one of the large, very old, snake plants scattered around their house. They are at least 30 years old. There is another on the floor in the shot below.

Philodendron houseplant

the philodendron (and a ghost lens reflection) in their living room.

That’s the end of the plant tour! I hope to have a similar collection some day!

One comment

  1. The house & plants look different through someone else’s eye.
    Thanks for the perspective. ๐Ÿ™‚
    However the back room plants & the ones vacationing on the deck are looking a bit green with envy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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