How to Pick Berries

1. As you hang laundry, discover that the blackberries/tayberries are ripe. 

2. Eat one but then show restraint and hang the rest of the load.

3. Go inside for a bowl and a camera and only return with your camera. 

4. Take appropriate documentary photos of the berries

5. Start watching the bees and practice some photography, say shutter speed and auto tracking.

6. Marvel in the different sounds of the different bees and ask some to slow down a tad so you can watch them.

7. Wander around the garden with the camera for 20 minutes or so, photographing whatever takes your fancy. 

8. Discover that the bluebell seeds are ready and pick them to sprinkle in additional patches. 

9. Find yourself out front in one of the aforementioned patches, photographing things and finally remember you were ‘picking’ berries.

10. Get a bowl and begin picking berries, momentarily pretending as berries ‘fall’ into your mouth that you’re sorry that some are just too ripe to make it to the bowl. Dutifully save some for your wife.  


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