Second Annual Apple Pressin’ Day

The date was set, we gathered our supplies, apples from various neighbours and old abandoned farm trees (around 50Lbs), and made some food to bring along. We gathered with two other families, shared food and stories and set to work. Children from 4-8 joined in as we chopped apples, shuttled buckets from the table to the press, cranked the press, occupied dogs, and enjoyed the time all together. It was our second annual Apple Pressin’ day and we had looked forward to the time together and the event.   After the apples were all chopped, we heard some shouts by the press and saw the juice begin to flow. All 11 of us were gathered around, excited to see the first run of amber juice. The littlest could barely keep his fingers out, he was so excited to try it! With the first jug full, it was time to pass around the juice and I savoured mine while inhaling the delicious autumn air.   In the end, the apples barely yielded any juice. A friend said she remembered how last year each chop of the apple wet the chopping board, so it was not surprising that these apples gave very little. Last year, there were about 4 demijohns to turn to hard cider from fewer apples while we ended up with 3/4 of a half demijohn total this year. It has been dubbed the Blood from a Stone cider.

Regardless of the cider’s outcome, it was still a wonderful day and I hope we continue the tradition for many years to come! 

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