Autumn Wreath

Sometime in September, I got nostalgic for door wreaths. I found myself on Pinterest looking at autumn and winter wreaths and decided to make one somehow. I’ve been intrigued by rag wreaths, not entirely sure whether I like or would rather leave them, and had the supplies to hand.I used a wire hanger, fabric scraps, and a beloved ribbon I have toted around with me for over a decade. Just before making the wreath, I found a pack of command hooks (which I see everyone in the US raving about) in the large supermarket in another town and snapped it up. 

While I’m reserving a decision on rag rugs in general, I am pleased to have a seasonal decoration on the door from barely any financial output and am thinking about how to construct a winter wreath when the time comes (and if this wreath survives the autumn winds that will surely arrive soon)!

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