In September, nearby Arnprior Farm advertised pumpkins for picking and I was excited to hear that someone managed to grow enough pumpkins in Scotland to allow for picking. My first thought was ‘how did they manage to get them to grow outside a greenhouse?’ and my second thought was something along the lines of ‘puuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmkiiiiinnn pickkkkking’!They would be open two weekends for picking in October and Honey and I headed over in the morning of the second day (last weekend). When we got there, a sign announced that they were sold out! I was bummed that we missed it but glad it had been so popular. To me pumpkin picking is so central to fall celebrations and I would love for that to catch on here. We met one of the farmers and were told we could have a look around. We chatted with her for a bit and found out that they have family in the Philadelphia area so they’ve been looking to them for ideas. I told them that I would love for it to become a tradition in the area and that I was from Pennsylvania. I asked if they would be growing pumpkins again next near and they intend to plant even more. This was their first year and they grew one tenth of an acre.
When we looked around, it was clear that they had put a lot of effort into it. Everything was very cute. The field by the patch had some games set up and a photo board, and a wee shed was set up as a shop with pumpkin themed things from local crafters for sale, as well as information on and recipes for using pumpkins. I look forward to seeing their autumn set up evolve over the years. 


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