Día de los Muertos 2015 

Although today was All Saints Day and not All Souls Day, I constructed my day of the dead altar today because I was home to welcome and reflect and will be at work tomorrow. This year’s altar was a simple one, using what we had around the house. The photos displayed showed 5 of our grandparents, but other family members lost were thought of as well. 

The main loss over the past year was my maternal grandmother and it seems that she guided my preparation. After coming across a bag of puffed rice in the cupboard yesterday, I awoke thinking about peanut butter rice treats and decided to make them. As I melted, mixed, and moulded the ingredients, I thought about my Nanny and how she would always make peanut butter rice squares when we came to visit. I realised they were perfect for the altar.    


When it was time to decorate the table, I remembered a mallow flower I spotted in bloom in the garden yesterday morning and went out to cut it. I came back with two glasses full of flowers (mallow, nasturtium, marjoram, sage, an unknown petite and starry yellow flower, and another purple flower) that I would have expected to be dying back now but that held on to some flowers for me. I also spotted some green and red tomatoes left in the garden, even though we did our ‘final’ check and harvest two weeks ago. This excited me because my nanny loved to garden and was ever proud of her tomatoes. Thank you garden, for providing me with the things I needed to welcome her should she find her way here. 



    • I agree! We grew up marking the day (as well as lighting candles on people’s birthdays) and after living in Mexico and being around amazing altars, it is something that is central to my autumns.

  1. Very Nice, I like it. Glad you had a chance to do it.
    Is it 4 or 5 ancestors? I see Helen, John & Leah, then 2 other pictures.

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