Cashew Cheese

I made cashew cheese. I used arrowroot powder as the starch and blended it in my power blender before heating it. It turned out amazingly. I have made it several times in a row now!

As I stirred my first batch over low heat, and it slowly turned to the right consistency (I whisk it to keep it smooth just as it is beginning to clump together), I knew I was on to something exciting. After tasting it, I didn’t even stop to think but quickly grabbed some tortillas and plopped it on top. You can see that in the top picture I didn’t even stop to prepare any vegetables!   

The next day, I picked up a loaf of genius bread (the only gluten free bread that I have found to be anything like bread) for a gluten and dairy free ‘grilled cheese’. I have been off of gluten and dairy since the end of June, at the doctor’s advice, and feel pretty good about it but after tasting the cashew cheese I knew I needed to try out replicating a sandwich that used to be paired with tomato soup as a comfort food. 

It was a win. 



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