Raw Key Lime Pie

My camera battery was dead and it was night time, so this is the only photo I have of this amazingly delicious dessert. Let me tell you this: it was so good that half the pie was gone on Sunday and the other half was eaten on Monday.

It all started when we were at the supermarket and, completely unprovoked, my taste buds told me they wanted some key lime pie. Now, I don’t know when I would have last had that because I usually avoided desserts that were too sweet or too dairy-filled. I had an incident with cheesecake as a child that took me about 10 years to move past and try cheesecake again!

Anyway, I hopped onto data and looked up a recipe. I sought out avocados and limes in the supermarket and we were good to go. The crust was very easy, in the spirit of this recipe from My Whole Food Life, except I just used 2C of almonds instead of a cup of two types as we didn’t have walnuts. I used the food processor’s grinder to chop the dates and almonds up well, then transferred it to the regular food processor part for decent mixing. I thought that the crust was probably going to crumble or even stick to the pan, but it lifted from the pie tin so beautifully, staying together like a proper crust! And, it was delicious.

For the filling, I used the key lime pie ingredients from Knead to Cook. I loved it with fresh limes! I used my my food processor’s grinder to get the filling nice and smooth.

When Honey tasted the pie, she said she didn’t even taste the avocados, which she doesn’t like. She really enjoyed the slice the first day AND on the second day! I have raved about this pie to anyone who would listen for at least a week. Honey has requested a raspberry cheesecake style pie next, so I have my eye back on the cashew cream style fillings!


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