Crochet Mickey Mouse Set

At my sister in law’s request, I made a Mickey Mouse outfit for my baby niece. This post includes a link for the shoes and my Mickey Mouse shorts pattern, below.

I took measurements, picked the yarn, and set to work. I made up the Mickey ears and shorts, but used The Huts Amore bootie pattern. I didn’t use the named hook/yarn combo and just stopped making them when they looked like shoes rather than boots, doing a single crochet around the edges.

Before I sewed on the hat ears, I tried the hat on my niece. In the 3-4 weeks between finishing the hat and the photo shoot, she grew massively and the hat ended up sitting like a Mouseketeer cap rather than a full beanie as planned. I made the shorts and the shoes intentionally large so that it would look like she was wearing Mickey’s clothes and also so she could grow into them.  

Mickey Mouse shorts

Niece was: 41cm waist, 39cm back to front. Shorts made to fit larger and over diaper/’nappy’.

Dk yarn, 5mm hook. Chain 80

2 rows of alternating FPhdc and BPhdc, worked flat. From row 3, use hdc. Make button holes on one end.

At about 3 inches tall, close and work in the round

Work until the top of the waistband to the bottom measures 9in

Measure off 37 stitches on each half of the shorts- so that the front and back share the stitches. String a contrasting thread from the front to back for each leg so that the leg holes are sectioned off.
Pick up stitches at the front of the shorts, between the legs, 3 stitches wide. Work for 4 rows and then connect to the back of the crotch area with slip stitches.

Begin legs: each leg has 44 stitches around.

Decrease by 2 stitches in the next row.
Work for a few rows until the legs seem in proportion to the shorts. I think mine were about 7 rows.

Finish off with slip stitches all around and sew on the buttons.

Tail: make a knit i-cord in black and attach at the back for the tail

Add white crochet ovals for Mickey’s short buttons.

These shorts fit a diaper and are sized about 4-5 months.


  1. I know this pattern isn’t knew, but hoping you will still help. Is this English or US terms? You measured her in cm, in the directions you use inches. Is in hdc or single crochet? The pants are huge. Help. 😃

    • Hello Raymona,
      That’s a very good question! It’s written in US crochet terms but I measured in cm out of convenience because I live in Scotland.
      Thank to for pointing this out, I’ll update the post for clarity.
      Let me know if you have any more questions and I’d love to see your finished project!

      • I’ve double checked and the 9in is definitely inches not cm. That’s the whole main part of the pants- from the waistband to where the fabric is split to make three leg holes.
        It’s large enough for a diaper/nappy to fit inside and the waist sits at the baby’s true waist.
        I hope this helps. 🙂

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