Sticks and Twine, Lookin’ Fine

I’ve started making some Christmas decorations. 

Last weekend, I gathered an armful of red dogwood sticks that were laying in the bushes after being trimmed off some time last month by the council. The next day I went out back to bring in some bamboo poles and found myself snipping at the long and flexible honeysuckle vines. I need to remember to harvest them in September or August next year! 

I made the wreath immediately. The timing for flexible vine would probably have been past this late in the season except for the constant rain we’ve been having which means the vines were basically soaking for weeks before working. The wreath will be decorated once I’ve decided where it will hang. My fabric autumn wreath is sturdy enough to fare the wind we’ve been experiencing, but natural materials will not do well outdoors.

The red star took a bit of moving around, tieing and re-jigging, but I am happy with the final result. It is just over 2 feet tall. I had also originally thought about hanging it out front, but the door is a dark colour and it wouldn’t stand out well. My plan is to make smaller red stars to hang in the window. 

Earlier this week, I made our Christmas tree frame. Before we add our decorations, we’ll probably add the greenery we foraged last weekend. 



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