Christmas Gifts 2015

Honey and I crocheted almost all of the gifts this year for Christmas. She made a shawl, a baby toy, and two hats (I’ll link to the photos if she ends up blogging them). There were some (purchased) toiletry products thrown in and other things like saved seeds, etcetera, but below is what I can remember making. Not pictured is a grey basket weave stitch, and a black scarf in hdc stitched between stitches to make it flatter than regular crochet. That was a new technique I had learned, so applied it happily to that scarf.

The most satisfying makes were the knitterly cowls and knitterly hat from Hook, Stitch & Give. I modified the pattern a bit to do less repeats because I was using double arran weight (my general solution when anything chunky or bulky is required) and that is where it fell nicely. I had the modification in my head and made most of them on the train to and from work, so it looks like I don’t have a record of what I did.  For the hat, and the matching cowl in the bottom photo, I used a single strand of arran, a 5mm hook and (for the hat) 1o increases. They’re definitely cosy, soft, and quick gifts to whip up for friends and loved ones and I’ll be making more next winter!




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