Tahini Dressing

Back when I thought I’d have a (veg) pregnancy, I bought a book called The Everything Vegan Pregnancy Book.I bought it because I read positive reviews about  the recipes and thought it would be nice to expand my recipe base. I didn’t feel like there was anything particularly innovative or interesting and I was disappointed to see that it relies very heavily on soy. Considering how important correct hormone levels are and how soy just throws that out the window, I felt let down. In short, I  wouldn’t recommend the book.

What I definitely do recommend, however, is this one gem of a recipe: ‘You are a Goddess Dressing’, which I just call GoddessTahini Dressing.


I have made it more times than I can count and use coconut aminos (which can be a bit sweeter than standard soy sauce), balanced out by more sea salt and a splash more acidic juice (lemon juice or acv). I’ve made it for others with some braggs soy sauce and didn’t sweeten it.  It is great on salads, for dipping veggies, and added cold on top of hot grain salads. The creamy, salty, tangy, sweet balance will leave you craving more.


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