Garden Update

As we finally approach the frost date for our area  (mid May!), the garden is slowly coming together. We’ve been given use of a garden plot in our neighbourhood! It measures 5×3 metres and we plan to plant the longer growing plants over there. Last month we built the bean poles and then decided to plant out the tall beans and soup peas under fleece. Unfortunately, April optimism gets us every year and all the beans are dead. Some peas are hanging on and we’ll soon be able to plant out directly.


In trying to figure out the best way to reach the middle of the plot without stepping in the patch, I took to instagram to ask people with allotments how they managed. The consensus seemed to be either plant it and then step back for the season, or divide and conquer with paths. I was worried about compacting the soil but this seems to be unfounded.
We purchased some round stepping stones (our local B&Q doesn’t stock them but we managed to find them at Homebase) and I dug them in across the middle of the plot. That’s when I realised we’d need more to reach the rest of the plot.
Just then a neighbour walked by and commented on the plot and as we chatted, she offered me spare stepping stones from her garden. This neighbourhood seriously fills me with such gratitude. I went to collect them and she also offered me strawberry plants, which I gratefully accepted. That evening, I dug in the new stones, tilled the soil until my hand blistered, andadded the strawberries to our patch out back.



Mogget really likes our quasi-allotment and follows me there whenever he can!


Our backyard has been a base for roofers over the past few weeks so we haven’t gotten much done there, but outdoor fruit has received some attention. We tied up the tayberry, weeded the strawberry patch, un-fleeced the small pear (upper right corner of photo below), rescued an ailing supermarket blueberry plant (bottom right), and are trying potted raspberries. A few years ago we tried growing raspberries from canes and they never established. They kept moving away from the place we had them and they never thrived.


We need to get back on the ball and start more seedlings. All we have at the moment are brassicas, zucchini, tomatoes, and asparagus pea. Planting, and photos, to follow…


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