Easy Throw-Together Lentil Loaf

I wanted an easy lentil loaf that would hold together and taste nice. The recipes I found online had a lot of spices to measure and I wanted something simpler.
The weather was beautiful and I didn’t want to be stuck inside so I cooked the lentils and threw the rest together later.


2C cooked lentils, soaked then cooked with stock
1 small chopped onion
1C egg whites (I had this in the fridge, use whole eggs if that’s what you have). Add last so you can season to taste
2-ish tsp nutritional yeast
Salt, pepper
Seasoning (I used smoked paprika)
Pour into lined loaf tin. Cook at 175C for 10 minutes or so, then reduce to around 155C. Cook for a while (I didn’t time it…check at 30 mins), perhaps around 45 minutes.
Full of protein and slices well for freezing.

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