May Garden

The May garden still belongs to flowers. Right now, our lilacs, columbine, strawberry, tayberry,  chives, and rosemary are in bloom.




The (quasi-allotment) plot is planted up with picking peas, soup peas, runner beans, drying runner beans, asparagus peas, kale, cabbage, potatoes, calendula, beets, bok choy, and chard. Only the transplants and potatoes are visible right now.


We haven’t gotten to planting the veg patch yet since the zucchini we planned to plant died.  The same variety of zucchini also died off last year and we thought it was just because it was wet. We’re going to go back to a f1 variety for zucchini because we’d rather have sterile plants growing than none at all.

What we do have growing in the patch so far is the nasturtium (that I was worried hadn’t come back), dead nettle, and about 17 volunteer potato plants in two areas.


The indoor tomatoes (awaiting the greenhouse) are doing well and I potted them up in the beautiful sunshine this weekend.



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