June Garden

Whew! Another month flew by.
Our quasiallotment is now growing. I’ve never seen anything gather weeds so quickly, but I think that’s an indicator of our usual square foot gardening approach. In the plot, it’s pretty much a scatter cluster!

Anyway, our second sowing of peas and beans is creeping along. The picking peas gave us their first harvest late last week and I grabbed another few this weekend. Our soup peas (Boddington’s soup peas from Real Seeds) are reaching high and have begun flowering.image

imageThe purple climbing beans and drying runner beans seem a bit stunted. Our first indoor sowing leapt for the sky but these are just short wee things.imageimageThe kale seems happier than the cabbage…image

imageand the asparagus pea is still to come into its own. We think the soil  in the plot may have laid fallow for a while and are taking the learning as it comes while planning for improvements next year.imageOne thing that will help our plans for next spring is this absolute beauty. Not only were we gifted this wonderful greenhouse, but a neighbour broke it down, moved it, and set it up for us! I am still trying to figure out a thank you.imageOn Friday, I moved out the 20-some tomato plants that have been growing on our table in the living room. I chatted on the phone with my sister for two hours while moving, potting up (some of) the plants and then attempting to provide support. I’ll need to look into proper support because we were given some vine tomatoes and have grown bush varieties in the past.

In the rest of the garden, both our volunteer potatoes in the veg patch and our cultivated potatoes in the quasiallotment are growing well.
We have strawberries and tayberries setting fruit, and wild strawberries beginning to ripen.imageWe also have many other things flowering. A foxglove is flowering in the veg patch, which means it was obviously there last year. I love watching the bees crawl deep inside the blooms.imageIn the front yard, mallow and yellow loosestrife are blossoming for the pollinators…image

imageAnd my cat has enjoyed stalking the creatures that camp out in the lady’s mantle.image


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