End of July Garden

Today was beautiful and aside from some dishes and laundry, my only goal was to BE. This meant that I wandered over to the quasiallotment at breakfast to harvest some peas and then headed back for most of my day. DSC_0097smallerI weeded, removed rocks, sprinkled manure, sat in the middle of the plot and admired it, watched the bees dip in and out of the nasturtiums, felt the soil on my feed and the sun on my face, tied up (again) the drying peas, thinned the turnips and ‘carrots’ (which turned out to be parsnips), photographed things (with my 1-day old camera), and planted some more seeds. I planted more peas next to the slowing vines, put some sweet pea in to grow with the purple climbing beans, cleared a section that had failed and planted some very old spinach beet (which may have been the failed sowing in the first place?), and scattered an old packet of wildflowers and crossed my fingers they grow and last into the autumn.DSC_0105 copysmallI pulled up two kale plants that were too close to larger plants. DSC_0102 copsmall

DSC_0087The asparagus peas are setting!DSC_0082 smallThe runner beans for drying are beginning to flower.DSC_0101smallerMogget often comes along with me.DSC_0094smallerThe first calendula flower of the year. I really like the yellow-peach colour. DSC_0106small copyThinned the turnips again and am excited to see 3-inch roots peeking out of the ground!


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