Blackberry Jam, Diner Style

Yesterday I picked nearly 3 Lbs of blackberries: certainly the season’s peak and the most we’ve harvested so far.
After Honey amused me by holding the harvest up for a large volume of photos, I washed the berries and knew I wanted to taste them this winter. I have a few containers tucked away in the freezer, but thought I’d see how much jam I could get out of the day’s loot.


I blitzed the first batch of berries in the power blender with about 1/2C water and then used the blackberry juice for the rest of them. I added one apple and at least 1/2C honey to taste. I like mine fruit flavoured and authentically astringent. Since I haven’t properly made jam since ditching sugar, I wanted it to set and have the jars seal well. I put in a few Tbs agar agar to the mix and when it was set (about 2 hours later so I don’t know if the agar agar made a difference), put it into these wee jars with brand new lids. The jars are about 4oz.


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