Introducing Forgotten Photo Friday

In June, my camera was stolen. I lost about three weeks of photos of beautiful living. My 5 week old nephew with each of his parents, my niece’s first birthday, and a family weekend away with four generations of women. 

My cousin loaned me his camera when we went on holiday the next week and that helped in capturing things, but the sting of losing the family moments cannot be fixed. 

Besides the family photos, which I don’t tend to post often on here, I generally have a backlog of photos and things I want to blog about but don’t because the image is ugly or doesn’t capture what I had hoped it would. 

 Well, not only are my phone and ipad (okay, and camera memory cards) bursting with photos that represent beautiful living captured in ugly images, but there are so many things that I am behind telling you about. 

Losing the family photos has prompted me to get with it and regularly post about what fills me with joy, even if the photos of those moments don’t. I will be catching up on talking about our summer adventures, as I need to do each season (!), but also introducing Forgotten Photo Fridays, which will bring those older adventures out of the woodwork and on here where they belong. 

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