Lentil Loaf Update: Red Lentil Loaf

When I discovered that red lentils had more protein than brown or green lentils, I knew I needed to revisit my lentil loaf.
I had the idea that red lentils were sweeter than others, which is why they were always my last choice, but they’re actually perfectly mild for mixing with other flavours.


The best part about this loaf is how well it holds together. It’s sliceable and diceable and I’ve used it in stir-frys, with pasta dishes, and cold mayo and veg salads. It’s great to bring along when sharing a meal with omnivores, or when you’re just not quite sure what kind of gluten/dairy free veggie food you’ll be fed.


I made up the recipe around June and it’s already a staple.

The Recipe

2C cooked red lentils, cooked in stock for extra oomph but fine if you forget. Cooked until soft on the edges.
1C sunflower seeds
1C gf quick cook oats
Diced onion, smallish
Season to taste with salt, pepper and other things like: smoked paprika, sage, cayenne, etc.
1C egg whites (whole eggs fine but we have a lot of whites to use up).

Pour into a waxpaper lined loaf tin.

I haven’t made this vegan with flax egg replacer, but if the lentils are cooked well and you use enough flax mix it would probably bind fine.

Cook at around 200C then lower to 175C or so once top begins to harden. It’s cooked when a knife comes out clean.

Remove from tin but not paper and allow to cool. Makes 8 servings, with 18-20g protein per slice.

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