Forgotten Photo Friday: Blackberry Leaf Medicine

When we got back from our holiday (which I will write about eventually!), one of our blackberry canes was bent over. Although the full branch was still green, I expected the weight of the ripening fruit to strain the bend further as the season went on. So, I trimmed it back.
When you prune your blackberries, save the leaves. Blackberry leaves are a perfect herbal medicine for diarrhoea. Put 1-2 dried/fresh leaves in a glass pint measuring jug and pour in boiled water to steep. Drink 2-3 mugs spread throughout the day when diarrhoea is severe.

I have used this natural remedy when apples did not work and I was desperate enough to ask a neighbour for immodium. The immodium they had was not vegetarian so I couldn’t take it. Luckily, logic and my mom’s teaching kicked in and I headed into the garden for some leaves. One day of doses stopped it in its tracks and one more mugful the next day sent it packing. To make sure I’m not stuck without this medicine in the dead of winter, I’ve stocked our cupboard with some dried leaves.


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