Autumn’s Rainbow

October’s colour showed itself throughout the month, at every turn.

Garden nasturtium still feeding the bees in October. Garden in Stirling, Scotland. | Riotflower's RealmRowan berries, pink autumn leaves, and purple autumn leaves in Stirling Scotland. | Riotlower's RealmYellow leavesAutumn mushrooms with leaves and tree trunkAutumn leaves, Ochil hills and blue skies in Stirling, Scotland. | Riotflower's RealmAutumn leaves and trees under blue skies on Riverside Drive in Stirling Scotland. | Riotflower's RealmMighty beech tree in autumn colours, Stirling Scotland. | Riotflower's Realm


  1. Those mushrooms were always creepy to me.
    I love the photo with the walkway and houses, with the one red car on the left,
    as your eyes walk towards the color of the trees, with the hills in the background… Greeting card?
    also the next two are lovely, I think I am drawn to the one with the stone wall the most.

    • They’re all around Stirling. Why were the mushrooms creepy?? I love the ones of the hills and the trees too, I see them all daily!

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