Spare Room Redecoration Phase 1

My black cat sits in the windowsill and looks out.

In the middle of October, Honey and I headed to the DIY store to pick up some paint, a curtain rod and blinds. The curtain rod is for our bedroom but the rest was for the spare room. Honey had off for a few days soon after that and painted the room over a long weekend. We let the paint dry for two days and when we went to peel off the tape, we pretty much trashed the edges of the painting. This is the third room in our house we’ve painted and we only experienced this around the mirror and sink in the bathroom. We mistakenly thought that it was the way the tape was applied around the mirror or perhaps the type was too sticky. The internet says that you should remove painting tape after an hour or so of letting the paint dry. Clearly, we’re still trying to figure out this adulting thing.

Anyway, the sea foam green colour reminded me of an old stucco wall and now we have the worn edge look to go with it. If you’re wondering, the battered guitar on the table was a dumpster save to refurbish. My pinterest vision board for the room is hereNew green walls in spare room update.

Spare room walls painted sea foam green

We’ve moved the room back into place (and my Mother in Law stayed the weekend a week later), but still to be done:

  1. sorting the bookshelf
  2. returning the wind chimes and adding art
  3. finding the right plants for the space (the small and light pots on the window sill get knocked off far too easily by the cat)
  4. putting up the blinds and adding the right curtains

Ghanaian market basket, stick stars and mirror on dresser in room with new green walls. | Riotflower's Realm


  1. Looks really pretty, I like the color.
    Could you raise the bed, for storage under.
    (Ikea? I cut an old bookcase in half and used it to raise mine.)
    Move the table over by it as a night stand and maybe for a larger plant.

    • If you look in the mirror, you’ll see what the bed looks like when it’s folded up to its sofa form. We can’t raise it because it is a soft most of the time, although our frame backpacks are kept under the bed and a cat likes to sleep under there.

      There’s not really space for a nightstand, but our guests are generally happy using the round table in the corner for their things. When we have guests, we put a small lamp in for them by the bed so they can lay in bed and read.

      We now have a rubber tree in a large pot by the window that I think will probably stay in that room. I’ve been thinking about a large plant for it, like you suggested, and then a friend got rid of the rubber plant so I think that’s the sign.

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