Forgotten Photo Friday: Flanders Moss

Having grown up in the eastern coastal plains of Pennsylvania, I’m a big fan of wetlands. Locally, we had marsh, swamp, vernal ponds, and bogs in addition to the standard waterways.

Although I’ve lived in Stirling for 11 years, I had never been to the largest wetland in the area: Flanders Moss National Nature Reserve, a raised bog.

In November, on a day that perfectly illustrated the Scots word ‘dreich’, we headed to the moss via a bit of geocaching.

The ground before reaching the boardwalk looked normal at a quick glance, but was bizarrely springy and felt foreign upon closer inspection.

The boardwalk takes you through the bog, meandering by informational nature boards and subtly changing landscape.The colours of the mosses were more vibrant than expected and not captured by my phone. We spent just over an hour or so there in the freezing rain and I imagine that you could easily spend longer in the summer sun. 


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