Top 10 Adult Lessons I’ve Learned This Year

Living is an adventure. Here’s what I learned along the way in 2016.

Top 10 Adult Lessons I've Learned This Year | Riotflower's Realm

  1. Insurance is essential. This year we were grateful that we had pet health insurance, extended car road insurance, and home contents insurance. Insure from the beginning.
  2. Everyone needs to spend more time in the dirt. I love ‘farming’. I have always loved playing in the dirt barefoot, growing things, and food. Having the addition of our ‘quasiallotment‘ gave me space to experiment and dream in addition to the maximisation I try with our garden plot. More dirt to tend and more plants to encourage really drove home the fact that gardening with the aim (not yet need) of feeding my family is exciting and fulfilling.
  3. A winter sun holiday is a luxury but it is also a coping mechanism for those living at (or near) high latitudes. Being in the sun for just over a week in January and February exponentially increased the ability of my light box to get me through the winter. My S.A.D. symptoms were the mildest I’ve ever experienced.
  4. Home decorating sometimes goes wrong but the time spent considering the required changes, and taking steps in that direction, still results in an improvement.
  5. Being away from family gets harder and harder. Even with technology making them easily accessible.
  6. Setting intentions for something you want may not work, but setting intentions for things that you need will. I knew the latter years ago but got the two confused along the way. This year, I wrote down and spoke to my wife about an opportunity I needed to keep my soul happy and it came to me a few days later.
  7. If you wear bras, make sure you love the way your bra feels. You’ll simply be happier and more confident. Bra fitting services are a great place to start but don’t defer to them completely if your real bust size isn’t carried in stores. They’ll apply formulas to give you a modification (a ‘sister size’) and it probably won’t feel or look right after a few days out of the store. This year, after being brainwashed into thinking I could and should, I realised I was never going to find a decent fit in a department store because they don’t carry bras for people with small busts who are happy having small busts: they sell unnecessary underwires and embarrassingly padded bras. Find a specialist company to speak to and see what others say online.
  8.  Photos are important.
    – Sharing the beautiful living or memory in an ugly photo is more important than holding back from sharing the photography that didn’t capture the vision.- Save or share photos before they’re lost (stolen, data failure, old undeveloped film).- A photo taken by a friend can show you more of your own beauty than you thought was visible.
  9. There is nothing that beats hearing and seeing my wife throw her head back in laughter after being caught off guard by something funny I’ve said or done. Except the way that I’m humbled and grateful when I see the look in her eyes when she feels how loved she is.
  10. Pour as much love as you can into those around you and the wider world. The world needs it. Bring back the Care Bear stare.


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