Bracklinn Falls, Callender

On Saturday, we headed to Bracklinn Falls. It’s a loop trail that gets steep and is a hike, but the falls are visible just 1/3 of the way in. We stayed in that area and Honey geocached while I photographed the water, then we sat by the falls for a while. As I sat on the rocks with the steady stream rushing by me and bringing by thoughts here, to the present, I felt safe on my island surrounded by trees and hills and reflected that this is the type of setting where I feel most at home*. I can’t wait to visit with the littles of the family- none of the youngest 5 have ever been! 

*Maybe I’m really a dobsonfly, meant to live by the wooded streams. Their larval stages, hellgramites, prefer the highly oxegenated waters of quickly flowing and rocky areas, the same areas that soothe my senses. 

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