Cloth Pantyliners 

If you’re squeamish about the female reproductive system, stop reading now. To make sure you don’t read more than you want to, here’s a photo of the moon I shot on my camera a few months ago. It was the first time I managed to take a photo that actually resembled the moon. If you want to read the rest of the post, I’ll meet you below the photo. 


For several years, I had an old brown flannel shirt in my sewing stash that I had planned on turning into cloth pantyliners. After at least 5 years of not making them, I used the fabric elsewhere. 

Although I use the keeper, I recently recognised that it was time to get a few fabric pantyliners for those very light (as well as very heavy) days. Looking on etsy, I saw a very wide range of handmade options but a few things bothered me about buying from there:

1. The fabrics were very light colours and…come on, you know how that will turn out.

2. The backing was always polyester fleece and I want as much of my wardrobe as possible to be compostables when I’m done.

3. I know people in real life who sew for a living and I wanted to keep my money more local. 

I got in touch with All That Is Braw, designer and maker of beautiful handmade children’s play wear and pajamas for the whole family. I asked if she would be up for a commission, discussed the size, shape, and design of what I wanted for the liners, and she made me these lovely things. They’re cotton and wool and perfect. 


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