July’s Garden 


This year’s beans and peas are slow to arrive because the bees haven’t had many days in a row to visit the flowers. These crops usually abound in July so I’ve felt as though the garden hasn’t done much. 

Looking back, I see that there’s still plenty of growth. In the greenhouse, the tomatoes are flowering, and chiles are setting fruit. 

The purple climbing beans had their first harvest as July left us for another year.

I moved some herbs from pots to the veg patch in the yard for a perennial patch: lavender (also planted one in the plot), lemon balm, thyme, two mints (including chocolate mint), and planted out the newly established walking onions (only 5 bulbs so it will be a while for them). I’ve been harvesting and dehydrating the herbs as often as I can to promote growth and see us through winter.

Volunteer potatoes in the veg patch and planned potatoes in the quasiallotment plot are growing happily. I let last year’s red ursa kale go to seed and harvested about a cup, which I’m sharing out. 

The main stories have been the early field beans, new kale seedlings, and the allium harvest. We got about 13 heads of garlic (lost a few to rot) and around 100 onions (at least 70% of them being decent sized). 


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