Elderberry Harvest

On my walk home from work on Monday, I noticed that the elderberries were perfectly ripe. Since I had time and the berries were dry in the beautiful sunshine, I searched in my backpack for something to collect them in. Finding a gallon-ish size ziploc, I filled up the bag.

As I removed the berries from the stems, I began loading batches into the dehydrator. I had planned on using some fresh that night for syrup but it took all evening to remove the foraged berries so I dehydrated all 2.75 pints worth.

After dehydrating, I ended up with 3 cups, or 266g! I did a quick price check at the place I’d otherwise have to purchase dry elderberries and 266g charged at £3 for 50g would have cost me over £15. Considering the tree I foraged from is still dripping with berries, so both bird and human needs are met, that is a win in my books!
The recipe I use is by Wellness Mama available here. In the past, the syrups (mostly the rose hip because the elderberry is Too Good to use slowly) I’ve made have spoiled because I use regular honey instead of raw honey. I’ve read that putting in 2 Tbs in a batch helps, so that’s my plan from now on.

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