Home Updates

Alongside the frenetic harvest and preservation activity that I’m driven to in the autumn, is also a focus on home improvement. 

When we begin to think about closing up the doors and windows, my mind turns to creating a simple and calming space to spend the next two seasons. The first step is always clearing out the accumulated layers of dust and haphazardly strewn bags of drying herbs or seeds. 

Then, I start to see the faded, scratched, and in need of repair. The house list is very long, but we’ve begun! 

Some things I’ve done for our home recently are:

Scrubbed and varnished the front door.

Gathered all the mismatched and stained dishtowels and rags (and one linen napkin) and dyed them blue. They’re a royal blue but the photo on the right shows them lighter. I included a pair of nearly white faded jeans in the load as well.

Tidied our very small front step entry. I swept the steps for the first time in ages, composted the old doormat and ordered a new one. I also removed the random bricks and empty plant pots that had gathered.

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