Snow-covered Acorn 

As we prepped for our niece to stay the weekend, I thought about a visit when she didn’t have a hat and ended up wearing one of ours. I decided to make her one for when she’s staying with us. 

I used Kat Goldin’s Acorn from Crochet at Play.  

I don’t swatch but rather use the yarn I have and the hook to create the right fabric. Swatching would make me try to use a smaller hook, for instance, to get gauge and end up having too stiff a fabric so I just go with what I have. I followed the toddler size but increased for a few extra rows. Modifications are on Ravelry.

Cream cable Arran crochet toddler hat

When I showed her the hat, I showed her how I made it from string by whipping up a simple beanie for her doll as well. 

Acorn hat from Crochet at Play

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