Working Through the Adoption Process

Right now in the adoption process feels freeing. I’m still neck deep in background clearances from foreign countries, but this is a good space. We’ve spent months examining our experiences of and views on the world; laying them and our relationship bare for the assessor to document and the panel to eventually read.

We’ve paid off our debts, including my American student loans, and are beginning to save.

The time required to organise documents, and the soul-bearing to a professional have helped focus everything for me.

If emails are not from our assessor or about background checks, I don’t check them.

If it doesn’t Further my values (note: not just align with!), I’m not giving it my energy.

If it’s plain old B.S., I’m not engaging.

My health, our relationship, our community and networks, our family, our future. These are the things that get my attention.

I am constantly decluttering, but a switch has flipped now and I’m finding all the things I’ve missed that don’t fit into our future: bookshelves, tables, a hoard of memory sticks that I’ve let myself shift from jewelry box to bookshelf and back again.

Piece by piece, I’m deleting the data and freeing up storage in my heart, mind, and life as we move slowly closer to becoming parents.


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