November Baby, UK Edition

For my birthday in May, two people that are very special to me each told me that their little ones were due in November.

I call the UK-based friend Little.

She came into my life through rowing here in Stirling. She always has positive encouragement and wise words, and puts a lot of thought into the things that matter to her friends.

When I was having a particularly hard time, she sat with me and listened, and helped me pack and move flats. It was autumn at the time, I didn’t have a garden, transport, and had just lost my pets and guitar to an ended relationship. This lovely had a trip to France planned and before she came home, she bought me bright bouquet of beautiful sunflowers in France and brought them all the way back home on the 10+ hour train journey for me.

During this time, she also encouraged me to leave my grief behind and attend a residential weekend I was registered for. She stated her wisdom simply by saying that those I met didn’t already know me so I could be whatever I needed to be that weekend and if I didn’t enjoy it, I could just leave. Well, friends, that weekend is when I met the friend who became my wife!

I’m full of gratitude that Little is in my life and was thrilled to help her and her husband celebrate their wedding in 2017. I was just as thrilled when she told me she was due. After congratulating her, my first question was what she wanted me to make the baby.

She didn’t even have to think- she had already thought about her request and asked for a soft bunny! It made me happy knowing it went without saying that I would be excited to make her something handmade. I already had already saved the classic stuffed bunny pattern by One Dog Woof in hopes of making the sweet, classic toy for someone.

Handmade crochet bunny

I found the softest yarn and made a few modifications to the pattern. I decided that it looked best with a nose but without eyes. After only completing the head, I knew that I needed to make a second one for another (specific) child and I’m so glad I did. The pattern creates beautifully huggable bunnies and the James C. Brett ‘chinchilla’ yarn was the perfect pairing.

Baby Jackson loves her bunny!

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