I’ve been mending. Just as predictable as the seasons are my actions throughout the seasons. As autumn approaches, my brain switches to gathering and storing food. As winter approaches (and separate from seasonal pressures of gift giving), I turn to creating or mending clothes.

I’ve repaired the cuffs of Honey’s jeans and strengthened the seat. The cuffs required patches that I stitched in both directions. For the seat I backed it with denim cuttings and tried to stitch only with the visible front grain (don’t know if that’s the warp or weft).

I also mended Sunshine’s jumper when I noticed he managed to create a long pull on the sleeve. I had cream yarn rather than the white for the Swiss darning but it works fine. It’s funny, for years I tried to get my head around Swiss darning, then decided to learn duplicate stitching for knitting (the exact same thing) and I got a handle on it. I still get a bit muddled when I have to move sideways to another row, but this is my best knit mending so far.

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