2020 Potato Harvest: Growbags

I began chitting the potatoes in February and planted them (I think) in mid April. Notes are a bit hazy from the spring, I’m sure you can imagine!

‘These potatoes are special. We growed dem…Mama, I love harvesting with you.’

This was my first year growing 1st earlies and read that they should be harvested when it’s in flower or just after the flowers. I wanted to save the true potato seed so tried to push it a bit later. This week all the plants in the six growbags flopped over, telling me that it was time to harvest (the signal for maincrops).

We harvested 9lbs 12oz of the ‘Colleen’ first earlies (the creamy variety) and 10lbs 8oz of the maincrop ‘Desiree’. I’m pretty happy with that and will be saving the potatoes for planting from this harvest rather than waiting to pull them aside from the plot harvest.

In the growbags, I’ve now planted two huauzontle seedlings, five New Zealand spinach seeds (in two bags), and turnip broccoli (cima di rapa) in the final two.

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