Handmade Tea Towels

It’s been 17 months since my work commute was anything but going downstairs and my main blogging time used to be on the train. When summer comes I also tend to cut down on evening phone use as it’s light enough to paint in the evenings or garden after Sunshine goes to sleep. Add to this a house search and move and I’m quite behind on blogging my makes and our adventures. Now that we’re in a new home and new routine Sunshine started school today), I’m going to try to prompt a new blogging habit again.

Our tea towels had already been used for years, dyed blue to ‘revive’ them, and then started to need repairs. Darning holes on the too-thin fabric didn’t feel like a good use of time and I couldn’t find ready made tea towel sets with all brown towels, so I planned to make my own.

I ordered the cotton ‘waffle’ weave fabric from Croftmill and followed Purl Soho’s tutorial for mitered corners. While mitered corners are easy to make, the pinning, ironing, and repinning can be tedious. I had the fabric cut and folded for a few months before 24 hours alone and a podcast and movie marathon got me through the further folding, pinning then quick sewing. Regardless of the tedium, however, I’d do it again for the satisfaction of a full stack of matching towels in the exact colour desired.

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