New Natural Playscape for Garden

The arborist stopped by the other week and I asked if he had any large tree trunk segments. He did and I asked for five, with a playscape in mind.

I rolled them up the hill and thought about the best layout for a while. I had planned to dig them into the ground to even the tops out for walking and sitting, and undertook that quick task today in the radiant autumn sun. Giving Sunshine the choice between a circle and a zigzag line, he chose the line. With only five logs, it was hard to make it look intentional and they looked sort of abandoned. Going back to the conversation, I said that a circle could also be used as a picnic area and we both liked the dual use. After agreeing on the layout (we aimed for a challenging but not impossible jumping distance), I dug four out of the five in by an inch or so, and some have a little wobble to keep it natural.

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