Winter glove mending

This weekend I had some digging to do and my gardening gloves were not going to be warm enough. I grabbed my pair of winter gloves from the family glove basket (I tend to wear mittens) and saw that they needed some mending before regular use.

I dug out my needle and thread and looked over the damage. I decided to use a whip stitch to close up the thumb hole, tucking the edges in, and a back stitch to secure the velcro section on the wrist.

To reattach the elastic strap and close that hole, I first secured the elastic to one side using a running stitch. Then, I tucked in both sides. I used a whip stitch over the seam and a running stitch through the two sides and elastic to close it up.

The process of scrutinising every seam, and carefully attending to the repairs, has made me feel ownership of them in a new way.

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