Vegan cheese recipe: ‘notzarella’

My favourite vegan cheese is the ‘Notzarella cheese’ from Simply Heavenly cookbook. My parents gave this cookbook to me when I was 17 and I have used and shared many of the core vegan recipes. They form the foundation of my cooking. Unfortunately, the book is out of print.

This recipe makes a soft, gooey vegan (and nut-free) cheese that is perfect for pizza, nachos, with pasta, and over veggies like broccoli and cauliflower. It’s my go-to cheese recipe because, unlike nut cheeses, there’s no soaking. If I decide I want ‘cheese’ with dinner, I just need to pull the ingredients from the fridge and pantry and cook it up. I change the seasonings based on the accompanying meal.

A power blender absolutely makes a difference with this recipe since it gets the mixture creamy, which transfers to the cooked product as long as you use a whisk in the heating phase.

The consistency should be very thin before cooking and thick enough to stay on the spoon until it eventually plops off in a clump. Take care to take it off the heat when it reaches that point so that it doesn’t scorch.

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