Woodworking Class

I’m taking a 10-session evening woodworking course and I love it. It has begun to teach me the right tools, good technique, and how to join wood in ways that reflect the beauty of the material. I’m getting excited thinking about how imagined projects might actually be within my abilities.

As a working mom whose ‘office’ hours are dictated and restricted by school pick ups, and someone with an ever growing remedial to-do list for our old house & new garden, I’m nearly always acting on or thinking about a strictly scheduled agenda that benefits others (even if it benefits me too). I try to use my commute to the school to direct my own thoughts, or not think about anything unless I want to, but that time often becomes life admin time.

Attending this woodworking class though, means I’m away from the home and can’t be called to or wander over to help with chores, nor can I make admin calls during that time. In the class, my only obligation is to just be present. I get to use my hands, learn something for me, and have a full two hours immersed. Deep play.

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