‘Child Storm’ (Adoption Wish List)

Edited to add: this was originally posted in March 2019 and Sunshine came home in April 2019. To our friends, family, and wider network, thank you very much for your support.

As we get closer to meeting our little one, many of you have asked what we need or what you can get us. We are so fortunate to have this support around us and there are very few things we actually need right now.

We do, however, recognise that you want to shower our little one with love, so we have set up this ‘Child Storm’ (think category upgrade from ‘baby shower’).

Why storm?

Well, 1st of all, because we are starting parenthood right in the middle of having a child awake and able to express needs, if not able to articulate feelings.
He’s also completely mobile.

Second and most important a storm because at the root of adoption is loss.

When he comes to live with us, he will be grieving the life he knew, while also trying to adjust to a strange setting. It will be exhausting for all of us.
It will take a lot of emotional work to build our family.

What would help us most over the next year is your active support, encouragement and help. Stopping by in a few weeks or months to help us get some laundry done or dropping by some basics.

If you do want to send us something, these are the things that would be most appreciated:

1. Cards and letters with encouragement. Or even just to make us pause for a moment and laugh!

2. Supermarket gift cards

3. These eco nappies in size 5 to ease the transition to cloth nappies.

4. Some of things we’d love to have to support his interests and further engagement in the world around us.

Thank you so much for your support and love.