I Didn’t Make Blackberry Jam

I went foraging with Sunshine to a large field of brambles, where Honey & I picked gallons last year. They were at very mixed stages of ripeness and already picked over. We got about a cup of berries.

We found a bunch of apples on the way back though, including some starting to rot on the tree and windfall. Sunshine also picked multiple unripe apples along the way. Photo of apples on Riotflower's Realm blogI planned to make jam because I didn’t have time to water bath can applesauce. I had to stop in the middle to do Sunshine’s bath & bedtime and didn’t sweeten it until I knew I’d be around to stir so I all ended up as applesauce anyway.

While I’d rather have put up multiple jars of jam for the winter, this is what I could manage while ‘Momming’. We’ve all already knocked through the first jar of applesauce in the fridge so I’m enjoying the short-term expansion of our food.

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