Gluten Free Crepes for Pancake Day

Even though I made our standard buckwheat pancakes on Sunday morning, I went ahead and made pancakes on Tuesday for Pancake Day (aka Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday). Because adding some novelty into our days is what we need. This was my first batch of crepes, and I chose a sorghum recipe from ‘Diet Plan 101’. I had also saved a cassava flour recipe from ‘Prepare & Nourish’ but ran out of cassava. For the sourgum recipe, I used coconut sugar instead of white sugar but could taste it in my savoury crepes (a Spanish white bean recipe with added kale) so would omit it next time. I also made ours dairy free. The recipe yielded flexible, rollable crepes that would also make a great roti. We’re always looking for gluten free flatbreads that the whole family will enjoy, and this one joins the list.

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