Starting at the Beginning

I’m starting this blog today to keep of my handmade, upcycling and refashioning endeavours. I like to stretch my skills and resources in whatever way I can. I have not officially taken the wardrobe refashion pledge because I would be too busy to post as a good refashionista should….Still, I’ve pledged to myself that for the next two months, any ‘new’ clothing I want or need will come from a charity shop, or a sewing pattern. Who knows if anyone will stumble across this blog, or even find it interesting, but I’m looking forward to using it as my own marker of progress, and to reinforce my pledge. My goal over the spring and summer, is to crochet, sew, and refashion (and maybe knit here or there), all new items of clothing for my fall wardrobe! Here’s to recycling what’s already out there, and using what I have!

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