Not Buying New Clothes Before Weddings

I’ve read many places that weddings often cause you to purchase what you don’t really need, even if you’re not buying a bridesmaid’s dress. In the beginning of the week, I started to think about what I would wear to a wedding reception this weekend and easily pulled out the main outfit. It was when realising that none of the single balls of yarn in my stash would make a shrug or shawl, that I began to panic. I hadn’t considered purchasing a piece of clothing, but still, the thought of having to buy yarn so early on in my “yarn diet” scared me. I would feel like I was giving up. Luckily, after talking the outfit through with my fashion forward sister, I found a different colour cardigan could actually pull it off at the level of dressiness I required.

Disaster averted and confidence gained.

Actually, after knowing how close I was to thinking I had to cave and buy some matching yarn, I can see how easily it would be to try and justify shopping in the mall for ‘something’ to go. As a result, I feel even stronger in my commitment to the wardrobe refashioning pledge, especially knowing that I already own and like the cardigan I’ll be wearing! I know that this small experience will help keep my resolve further down the line when I manage to overlook the large baskets of yarn and somehow come close to convincing myself that I need more.

In the line of stash-busting, both yarn and beyond-recon clothing, I’ve had a week of inspirations for holiday gifts with ‘perfect’ balls of yarn falling onto my needles and hooks, and other fabric ideas presenting themselves eagerly. All have gotten the nod of approval from my partner, so we’ll be diving in soon!

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