Thanksgiving Thoughts

Yesterday was the Saturday before the 4th Thursday of November, aka, the day I celebrate Thanksiving in Scotland. I celebrate then, so that I don’t run the risk of having class, tutoring or working on the day I give thanks and so that other people can join me!  Knowing that we have a big Thanksgiving planned for next weekend with Honey’s family, we had a small celebration, breaking with several food traditions.  With the recent intense work on my thesis, and my tight budget, I did not get the chance to make any pumpkin pie before our small Thanksgiving.  Fortunately, it will grace the table next weekend.  The meditation of thanks was one tradition I continued:

I Am Thankful.  Thankful for being alive, for living in a modern country with healthcare and public transportation, and decent sanitation.

For my senses, for being healthy, and cogent, for a job relevant to my study, and enough money to meet my needs. For the clothes and shoes to keep me warm, and my ability to mend them. And my wool hat that keeps my head dry and my ears warm.

For my mom for teaching me the skills to create what I need and for my parents for giving me the experiences I needed to grow and take care of myself.

For the ability to read, comprehend, formulate my thoughts and to question. For being able to state my opinions and work to create change. For the freedom to work to change policies and inequality without being censored by a government.

For the chance to study what I love, for my visa.

For the health, safety and security of those I love; for family and friends that support me and love me for me.  Who bring Love, Laughter, Smiles, Support, Song, Warmth and Light to my life.

For plants spread throughout my home, sharing the air and making oxygen.

For the way the lumpy clouds in the morning sky follow the countours of the hills I pass on the morning commute.

Books and the endless ideas and inspirations within them.

For people and languages, music, religions, beliefs, traditions and cultures. Making them all different, but making them People.  People who have the right to disagree, but also, people who discuss, exchange ideas and invent.

LIFE within me.

LIFE around me.

LIFE as it surrounds me!

What are you thankful for this year?



  1. Somehow this got lost in my inbox; but I’m so glad I found it, because it’s the best thing I’ve heard/read in a long time – thanks gorgeous Brandi Lee. It is the spirit expressed in this post that makes Thanksgiving my most favourite holiday…one I usually celebrate regardless of where I am; but somehow it escaped my this year. Not the sentiment, just the celebration. In any case, my dear, I am thankful for you and all you have brought into my life over the last few years. I’ve no doubt I can journey through life safe in the knowledge that you are a true friend and blessing.

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