Wedding Series: Decorations

Planning our wedding, we based the decorations on home made Thanksgiving decor and focused on the textures and colours of the season. We didn’t go for flowers because it was late November in the Northern hemisphere. On the wedding day, I did not regret it one bit because the boathouse looked more authentic and perfect without them. It also saved us money and stress by not coordinating flowers.

bride and bride by Kat Goldin ImagesWe purchased the lighting (rope lights, candles and candle globes), but made the other decorations. With charity shop sheets and duvet covers collected over several months, we made over 80 meters of bunting! That is the project I didn’t think we’d ever complete.

Table cloths were finished the week of the wedding from the remaining fabric to match our bunting. I aspired to hemming them all properly but was coaxed into being realistic enough to realise that was unnecessary, because who stares at the bottom of a tablecloth? What was necessary, however, is the rotary cutter borrowed from a friend.

Empty guest book by Kat Goldin ImagesOur table chart (we assigned tables, not seats) was beautifully written by my sister on flip chart size colored paper with autumnal names like ‘apple orchard’ and ‘cranberry bog’ and was simply blu-tacked onto the wall at the entrance. Small 4×6 inch photo frames held the table names.

Leaves for guest book by Kat Goldin ImagesMy sister also made our guest book, which will become a focal point in our home. Guests were asked to write some advice for the future and their name on one side of a paper leaf. We asked them to write something that we should always remember to be thankful for in life. The leaves are not yet glued on, so I’ll update a photo once they’re in place.

Thanksgiving wedding tables by Kat Goldin ImagesTable places were ‘decorated’ with print outs containing the running order and words to Give Yourself to Love by Kate Wolf, which featured in our ceremony. We ordered wildflower seed in bulk and put it into small ‘dinner money’ envelopes with a label printed about the seeds and wedding. You can see ours here. The seeds were chosen to be nectar rich and draw pollinators, which are important for harvests and Thanksgiving!

Want to read more about our wedding planning? Read the introduction here. Look out for the next post on our invitations. Photos by Kat Goldin Images.

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